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Welcome to 1017Connect. After years of dedication and perseverance, listening to the word of God online in our mother dialect became a reality and a favourite among those illiterate to engage them in their heart languages. 1017Connect targets to inspire and address challenges of various groups with Biblical principles. We strive to break every barrier and bridge the illiteracy gap to access His words. Our desire is to share and promote His word in our mother dialect through various media formats. 1017Connect strives to inculcate a habit of learning and sharing with a holistic approach to His word. We will try to address several communities' challenges like the politics, culture, technology and its relations to our faith. 1017 Connect is bi-lingual. It will be available in Rongmei and English. These are mostly recordings of our readings and reflections during our family devotion. 1017 Connect streams and broadcasts on various platforms. Podcasts are available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Anchor, Ghana, JioSaavn, Sticher and Amazon Music. Internet radio is available on myTuner Radio and Zeno. One can also connect to the radio through a media player that can stream .m3u format, like iTunes, VLC, etc. The link to the RSS feed is mentioned in the description. We would love your suggestion on content or topic or subject that you would love to share or address. We look forward to your valuable feedback and suggestions.

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वेबसाइट: https://zeno.fm/radio/connect/